Decal-Lenses: Interactive Lenses on Surfaces for Multivariate Visualization

Publication Type:

Journal Article


IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, p.1-1 (2018)


Cameras, Correlation, Data visualization, Decal, Focus+Context, Geometry, Interaction, Lenses, Multivariate, Surfaces, Three-dimensional displays, Two dimensional displays, Visualization

We present decal-lenses, a new interaction technique that extends the concept of magic lenses to augment and manage multivariate visualizations on arbitrary surfaces. Our object-space lenses follow the surface geometry and allow the user to change the point of view during data exploration while maintaining a spatial reference to positions where one or more lenses were placed. Each lens delimits specific regions of the surface where one or more attributes can be selected or combined. Similar to 2D lenses, the user interacts with our lenses in real-time, switching between different attributes within the lens context. The user can also visualize the surface data representations from the point of view of each lens by using local cameras. To place lenses on surfaces of intricate geometry, such as the human brain, we introduce the concept of support surfaces for designing interaction techniques. Support surfaces provide a way to place and interact with the lenses while avoiding holes and occluded regions during data exploration. We further extend decal-lenses to arbitrary regions using brushing and lassoing operations. We discuss the applicability of our technique and present several examples where our lenses can be useful to create a customized exploration of multivariate data on surfaces.

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