CPSC 591 W2019 Rendering Showcase

Students in CPSC 591 (Rendering) need to complete a final project where they implement a rendering technique of their choice. In Winter 2019, students worked hard and produced some amazing results! Showcased below are some of the projects spanning physically-based, realtime and non-photo realistic rendering (NPR) techniques.

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  • Stroke-based Rendering by Veronica H.

  • Car Paint Rendering by Rachel M.

  • Tilt-Shift Lens Systems by Eric D.

  • Toon Shading, Feature Lines, Hatching by Adrian B. and Andrew H.

  • Realtime Atmospheric Scattering by Guillaume P.

  • Realtime Shallow Water Rendering by Colt L.

  • Realtime Fractal Rendering via Distance Estimators by Scott E.