Illustrative Multivariate Visualization for Geological Modelling

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of EuroVis 2018), Volume 37, Issue 3, p.465-477 (2018)

In this paper, we present a novel illustrative multivariate visualization for geological modelling to assist geologists and reservoir engineers in visualizing multivariate datasets in superimposed representations, in contrast to the single-attribute visualizations supported by commercial software. Our approach extends the use of decals from a single surface to 3D irregular grids, using the layering concept to represent multiple attributes. We also build upon prior work to augment the design and implementation of different geological attributes (namely, rock type, porosity, and permeability). More specifically, we propose a new sampling strategy to generate decals for porosity on the geological grid, a hybrid visualization for permeability which combines 2D decals and 3D ellipsoid glyphs, and a perceptually-based design that allows us to visualize additional attributes (e.g., oil saturation) while avoiding visual interference between layers. Furthermore, our visual design draws from traditional geological illustrations, facilitating the understanding and communication between interdisciplinary teams. An evaluation by domain experts highlights the potential of our approach for geological modelling and interpretation in this complex domain.


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