Compactly Supported Biorthogonal Wavelet Bases on the Body Centered Cubic Lattice

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Journal Article


Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Eurographics/IEEE-VGTC Symposium on Visualization 2017 (EuroVis 2017)), Volume 36, Issue 3 (2017)


In this work, we present a family of compact, biorthogonal wavelet filter banks that are applicable to the Body Centered Cubic (BCC) lattice. While the BCC lattice has been shown to have superior approximation properties for volumetric data when compared to the Cartesian Cubic (CC) lattice, there has been little work in the way of designing wavelet filter banks that respect the geometry of the BCC lattice. Since wavelets have applications in signal de-noising, compression, and sparse signal reconstruction, these filter banks are an important tool that addresses some of the scalability concerns presented by the BCC lattice. We use these filters in the context of volumetric data compression and reconstruction and qualitatively evaluate our results by rendering images of isosurfaces from compressed data.

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