Multiresolution visualization of digital earth data via hexagonal box-spline wavelets

Publication Type:

Conference Proceedings


IEEE SciVis 2015 (poster), IEEE, Chicago, IL (2015)


Multiresolution analysis is an important tool for exploring large-scale data sets. Such analysis provides facilities to visualize data at different levels of detail while providing the advantages of efficient data compression and transmission. In this work, an approach is presented to apply multiresolution analysis to digital Earth data where each resolution describes data at a specific level of detail. Geospatial data at a fine level is taken as the input and a hierarchy of approximation and detail coefficients is built by applying a hexagonal discrete wavelet transform. Multiresolution filters are designed for hexagonal cells based on the three directional linear box spline which is natively supported by modern GPUs.

A more thorough version of this work appeared at VMV 2016. 

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